9.10.2019 National Suicide Prevention 9.11.2019No matter what you think about it.So many lost their lives, loved ones… husbands, wives, parents, son, daughters…ect. The first responders lost their lives trying to save others, some came out alive but forever changed. To those who went to war- boots on ground after this.. thank you. I know you... Continue Reading →

Not my words.

The link below is an article, not written by me. But it does a beautiful job of expressing my feelings. Feel free to read it and let me know what you think about the article. I know for me, i felt like i had disappointed my father for a long time but i know now... Continue Reading →

Easy Egg Muffins

Its no secret that both my kids have issues when it comes to food and eating. We struggle with eating veggies, working around the intolerance's and getting variety in our meals. But I may have found a new way to sneak some veggies, added protein and make it all easy and simple for me! What... Continue Reading →

Ashes to Ashes

What do you do when a loved one dies and you are not ready to let go? Well, I thought I had this figured out. I thought Id be spreading my dads ashes somewhere and letting go of him. Today I had my weekly therapy session. Today I took my dads ashes with me. Today,... Continue Reading →

Plans Change

This is my Mother, me and my Father. You see that picture up there? I don't remember those smiles. The times of happiness. The times of having my mother and dad together. They spil9up before I was three. I was told a few versions of why amd how it happened. But to be honest, none... Continue Reading →

Poll Time!

Hey Guys! It would help my out a ton if you could take the following few polls I create and post. I'm doing this so I can improve my blog and help it reach more people! All of your answers are greatly appreciated! My hop is that by getting some info I can improve this... Continue Reading →

National Rainbow Baby Day

Happy National Rainbow Baby Day!AUGUST 22ND A Baby born after a loss, still, miscarriage.  Ronin is our rainbow baby. August 19th, 2016 i found i was pregnant with him. It was terrifying and filled with worry if i would lose him. But he made it. He stuck, and he came earth side and has grown... Continue Reading →

Crazy Thoughts

Most days are normal. Most days follow suit with the plan. However- some days there are little reminders that tear my heart apart. I'm reminded of my fathers death. I'm reminded of that night walking into to his room, calling 911... the funeral... and the four years that followed. I'm reminded that my children don't... Continue Reading →

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