Delayed Speech PT. 2

“Speech therapist perspective here! With my younger students, I do a lot of asking yes/no questions when I have an idea of their needs (e.g., do you want the blue car?). I have visual picture cards for just about everything. I show our speech schedule in pictures, schedules of their day, how they should sit in their classroom, etc. I’ll have kids point to they’re wants and needs and attempt to say it. If they say one word, I follow with 2-3 (e.g., child says “car”, I said “a blue car”). Spanking, yelling, etc. isn’t going to help. Right now, the communication form might be yelling, but that’s because that’s all he can do to get his point across. Behavior is communication”- Hannah L. , Speech Therapist

Hannah, is a long time friend from school. As I had posted my Parenting with speech delays pt 1 on facebook, the above is her response.

Information Breakdown on Speech “disorders”

Speech Therapy Tips for Parents [HERE]

Don’t forget to check out the head start/early head start programs in your area.

Talk with their daycare/preschool provider if you have concerns.

You can talk with your childs pediatrician about your concerns as well. They can also help direct you to the right path.

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