Postpartum mental health

Being married and having a relationship while dealing with mental health is tough. But, you know what is tougher? More Draining?

Being a mother and dealing with mental health issues.

For me I entered motherhood without catching a single breathe. It was not planned, I was alone 99.9999% of the pregnancy and 100%after birth. I honestly didn’t have time to worry about me myself and I.

After my second son, everything went to hell. Even with my husband there to help my baby only wanted me. I had ppd and didn’t even know it until he was 3-4 months old. I hated my body- it didn’t snap back like after my first. I hated my boobs, they hurt so bad. I hated the stress of having my toddler and newborn.

I will never regret my boys, nor will I ever truly wish life went different. I do however wish post partum mental health was looked at with more importance.

This is a short post. Its rather simple- postpartum mental health is overlooked. That 6 week check up was a joke. Unhelpful.

So if you know a women ready to give birth, or just had a baby… please keep an extra watchful eye on her.

Ppd. Ppa. The baby blues…. its more common than you may think.

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