Parenting a Child With Delayed Speech PT. 1

My parenting experience has been trial and error, or rather lets call it Winging It.

I became a mother 13 days after I turned 21. I really didn’t and still don’t have a clue on what is right or wrong. I go with the flow, I follow my gut and I ask for other moms ideas all the time.

So, My parenting style?? I am much more on the Natural Consequences train than anything. I don’t believe in “Cry It Out Methods”. I do baby my babies, and hold them and co-sleep. I tried to follow the Recommendations but they didn’t and don’t always feel right. I have watched my oldest for almost 4 years now grow and learn. But to tell the truth, he has taught me more than I could have imagined. I don’t think swatting hands or butt is abuse. Its more to grab their attention… But there is a line.

Every child develops at different rates and ages. Both of my boys hit every physical milestone months ahead of time but met their mental development months behind the Pediatric recommended time line. For example, my oldest walked at 9 months and my youngest was walking at 7 months. But my oldest didn’t talk sentences or even have a 20 word vocabulary until he was three and a half. While my youngest has 5 words and will be 3 in April.

So what have been my challenges with the speech delays ? EVERYTHING.

Okay, well maybe not everything but close to it. Communication has been hard. Learning other ways to talk and calm them down has been hard. My oldest was a great pointer. He kind of made up his way to ask for what he wanted. Ronin.. well he screamed and still screams. He has always understood us and verbal commands. He has finally learned to say “No” and nod yes and no to us with has already been so helpful.

Tips and Tricks:

Spanking Doesn’t Help. Yelling back Doesn’t Help.

What does help is keeping a clam voice. We are all human and we all lose our shit at times. Remember, they are frustrated because they don’t have the words needed to let us know what is wrong. We have to keep in mind, they are babies. They can’t control their emotions, but we can. Yes we get frustrated to, but maybe take a deep breathe … recollect yourself and try again. I promise, it can be a struggle but the benefits will be so rewarding.

Asking questions. It has helped stop screaming fits so many times already. Even if you know what they need or want… ask them anyway. “do you need a drink/snack?” “Do you need a hug/cuddles?” Literally ask 10 questions. It will help to force their spongy brains to focus a bit and calm down.

Lots of sensory play and exposure. A lot of times from what I’ve read, speech delays can be cause by Sensory Issues. Start at a young age with water play, different fabric textures and sounds also!

Change in diets- yes that’s right. Cutting out Red Dye #40 may help in the biggest way. Try making your own fruit snacks ( prior post). Try adding in fresh fruits and veggies to meals and snacks. Cut out juices and add more water.Simple changes may help your kiddo progress more than you think.

I am no professional, I’m just a mom winging it and trying to help other mommas. I will be posting a PT. 2 in a few days that will be full of the research and links to help guide you.

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