11 years.

11 years with out you. 11 years of memories you are not apart of. 11 years of milestones you didn’t get to be here for.

With in these past 11 years I’ve delt with mental health and abuse.

I’ve survived high school.

I made it 5 years in the navy.

You missed the birth of your grandchildren. You’ve missed so many firsts with them.

I wish you could be here, help me navigate this life.

I wish I could hear your voice and hug you.

I wish that I could just have you back even if for only one day.

I miss you more than I can possibly put into words.

11 years ago you turned my world upside down.

I hold tight all my memories of you. Every fishing trip, every bike ride and walk we took. Every movie date, and K-Mart trips. I always felt loved. I hold tight onto every lesson you taught me. How you told me to be strong, and and live to make myself happy. You told me to find my own path in life. You taught me to be me, headstrong and brave. Sundays were for football games and NASCAR. You falling asleep in your recliner, and waking up like you didn’t miss a second.

I will always be thankful I for my 14 years with you. It wasn’t nearly enough time, but Im thankful for the years I had.

May you continue to watch over Damien and Ronin. I can’t wait for them to understand one day, just how amazing their grandpa was.

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