4 Years of Hell Cont.

Well, if you havent read the first part of this you need to STOP and go back, other wise you may be lost.

Where do I even start? Do I start with a recap? Or maybe just dive right in to my freshman year of high school???

2009-2010 Englewood, Oh ( 9Th GR, @ Northmont High School)

You see, I was 14 when my dad died. Middle of my 8th grade school year. I wasn’t the best student during middle school. Frankly, I hated school. So when I started High school, the goals and expectations set forth by Rhonda was nothing below a “C”. At home everything was going “normal”. I was doing great in my classes, and I was trying to figure out myself since my Dad had passed away. I had to deal with people treating me differently… friends not knowing what to say, so they didn’t say anything.

All my of freshman year went rather normal. I finished the year with a 4.0 GPA, coming from me who damn near failed 8th grade….. I immersed myself in school work. I had little intrest in hanging out with friends and if I did, I always felt uncomfortable. I didn’t have time to be social, it was a waste of my time…. I had to be a perfect student.

The summer between 9th and 10th grade is where shit started to hit the fan. Jim (Rhonda’s husband) started to control me in the most annoying aspects. I was no longer allowed to paint my nails, wear shorts or sandals to school, nor wear shorts ever. I was no longer allowed to hang out with my best friend, or go to the Friday night teen church group I had attended for 4 years. I cared. I tried to fight it. But in the end I lost.

Honestly, I still don’t know why. I just got used to the restrictions. School started back up, my class load got heavier as I got into harder classes… I held strong with my grades. The cost? 6 hours a night on homework. 4hours if I was lucky. I had to be the best I could be, but also at this point… anything lower than an “A” wasn’t acceptable. I had no social life. No anything. I had school, homework and unhappiness.

Life for me had completely flipped. My world not only went upside down in the blink of an eye, but now, here I was 15 years old and not living a normal life. Rather a life of seclusion.

It’s a big blur of that year… 10th grade. It wasn’t anything special. It was full of constant irritation, but I had to be great at school.

I had to get a scholarship.

I had to go to college.

I had to.

There wasnt a second option…. Until there was.

To Be Continued….

*If you made it to the end- just be prepared for the next and final post of this time line. It gets triggering for some people. A lot of metal abuse happened the last two years of High School for me, and I am going to bring you along while I explain, and relive some of that. *

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