Cold weather- inside hunt!

Here in Wyoming it is already snowing! Today we got roughly 10 inches of snow….

With that being said, cold weather can mean stuck inside. So today I tried something new with my boys, an inside scavenger hunt!

I kept it simple for their first time but I wanted to share how I made it fun but full of learning or rather thinking for the boys.

I asked the following to my oldest [almost 4years old]

– Items that were certain colors
   > so something blue or pink ect.
– An item that you put on your feet
   > Damien brought a sock
– Something that goes on your bed
  > a stuffed dinosaur that he sleeps with

I continued this until he became uninterested.

Anything can be fun at this age, and anything can be turned into a learning activity . He had to think for each item. He couldn’t use the same item more than once. When he was asked for something soft, he had a hard time, stopped and had to think. Then he brought me a stuffed dog that is super soft!

For my younger kiddo, who is 2.5 years old
I asked more specific questions. I asked for certain toys, or a shoe, his pillow… his favorite action figure ect. He still needed to think but I aimed it at his level so he would still enjoy it.

This keep them busy for about 30 minutes.  It made them use their brains, a slow paced exercise indoors and it helped me to see what my younger kid understands verbally. It allowed my to praise my oldest and he was happy.

Simple, quick.. indoor activity for any day especially for the super cold days!

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