Abortion Hotline (1-866-439-4353) OR Text HelpLine to 313131

***This post, is not to push my views on anyone. I will include facts. Statistics. My own experience and anonymous stories as well. Any mean, rude or degrading comments or emails will be DELETED.***

So here it is-

Religious beliefs aside, personal views aside this is all I want to share with you;

Abortion should be accessible. It should be able to be done safely, legally and in the privacy of a safe, sanitary and professional space. The reason behind the abortion does not matter. It is NOT anyone’s business other than that of the woman and doctor.

Wrong place, wrong time” was my reason. I don’t care if you don’t agree. I don’t care if you don’t like my choices, they were done for what was and is best for me and my family.

Its not up to a man to force a the female to carry the child. Yes, it was his sperm… however it will be her to be pregnant for 40weeks. The responsibility falls all on her in this society. That is not an easy life. Motherhood is hard. For many, wrong time is very, very real.

If it is not you and your life then its not your place to lay down judgement.

Its not your place to act as “God” or shame women. You keep you mouth shut.

You can ask if you can bring some food over… or just check in on the person.

Just because some one has an abortion does not mean they walk away without any feelings. For some its a harder choice, for others it leads to regret. While for me, Ive never regretted it and never will. I knew then and know now, that I did the best thing for me.

So if you, or anyone you know has had an abortion, please know I here to talk if you need. Just hit the contact drop down and send me a message and we’ll set up some time to talk.

Please know, it will be okay. You will be okay.

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