Potty Training My Stubborn 3.5 Yr Old

Hello there fellow parents!

I am not a professional anything, but I wanted to share my stress free potty training strategy with you all!

Now, full disclosure, we have tried this damn potty thing for over a year now with no success, a stressed out kid and stressed out me and husband….

Step one- do not push it! Seriously, every kid no matter the gender is ready at different ages. I’ve seen kids getting out of diapers at 2 and some at 4. It happens when they are ready.

Step 2-personally, i say skip the pull up stage. Go from diaper to underwear. Let them pick the underwear. Ya know, fun colors, Characters…. and buy a lot of them! We have pull ups for night time and maybe naps if you child still take them.

Step Three- just ask! Ask your kiddo if they want to go potty. DO NOT PESTER THEM! It adds anxiety. I say every 30 minutes is plenty to bug them. I can’t speak for girls, but little boys start to show very obvious physical signs when they need to go (LOL).

> Basically one day, I asked Damien if he wanted to go to the potty. He said yes, so i took his diaper off… which didn’t go over so well until he got super cool underwear to put on! I simply reminded him to go sit on the toilet every 30 minutes during the first day. He only had on the underwear. It was a slow process, and frankly we were nervous about him pooping.

I made a super simply sticker potty chart for Damien to fill out as he went. He really helped him stay motivated. You don’t have to do big rewards either. His rewards were a small dinosaur, chocolate chips, new underwear and a super long toy filled bubble bath.

We chose not to use a training potty. I got a step stool for kids, and a seat insert that sits on out toilet seat. I wanted him to get comfortable with the actual bathroom and toilet. Which worked out great. Prior attempts were done with the training potty seat and he had zero intrest in a real toilet… so I wanted to bypass that this time.

Potty training shouldn’t be stressful but it is. I won’t lie. Honestly its like 90% us parents and 10% the kiddos. If they have an accident, just clean it up, and let them know it happens. Don’t get mad, it just makes it harder for them.

I think that if you go into this thinking, it is what it is. And that you know you are about to clean up pee and poop then it is way easier! I just decided that he is 3.5 years old and that he would have accidents and that it was okay. I don’t get mad, and he doesn’t get upset. We clean it up and move on.

I hope this helps!

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  1. We tried with my daughter few times. She refused. Last time I just said we don’t have any more nappies. She chose her underwear and day 1 was filled with accidents all over. Day 2 she woke up and said NO more accidents mummy.

    I think it’s a thing of them being ready and getting that click in their head understanding what is going on. My daughter could not be bribed with anything and she couldn’t care about stickers. I had to make it as it was her decision.

    It’s different for all but like you said we need to be calm and let them be ready

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    1. I have no idea how Im just now seeing this! So sorry! But yes exactly, every kiddo is different. Im glad that strategy worked for you guys! Ive seen it work for some of my friends too! I completely agree about it needing to be on their terms when they are ready. It takes a lot of steps to pee in a potty!

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