Food and Toddlers

This Post is not sponsored by any brand or company that I mention, I’m sharing because we enjoy the items.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruit, bagels with a spread, muffin and fruit, Vans Brand Waffles (gluten free), Eggs with dairy free yogurt is a good easy meal as well. Hard boiled eggs can double as a snack full of protein!

Lunch: left overs! PB&J on gluten free bread or wraps/tortillas, soups, some days they just have a “snack tray” for lunch.

Dinner: depending on the type of day we may have had, we dont have dinner rules. Some nights we have a “proper” dinner, other nights the boys get cereal and some random stuff. Breakfast for dinner is always fun, everything listed can become dinner! I switch up the sides with veggies, rices, fruits, smoothies are great too!

Snacks: Fruit, Fruit&Grain Bars (look for GF options) We buy Kind/ RX bars, LaraBar, KidCliff Organic Zbar, kashi, and sunbelt bakery bars . Rice cakes, pop corn is a good snack (but a chocking hazard for certain ages).

-Fruit is staple in my home. Every meal has a fruit. If they wont eat a veggie at least they are getting antioxidants and vitamins anyway!

Snack trays are a great exposure tool! Muffin tins and fill with all different stuff! Fruits, veggies, dips, something you know they will eat(safe food) is always a most.

Inspiration: I am not big on using Pintrest. Well, really I don’t get how to work the site so I look on Instagram and Facebook and just basic google searches. Instagram has been amazing I will add the page names at the end of this article so you can check them out as well.

Baking Ideas: I like simple quick and easy! I do have to be careful as both my kiddos have allergies and sensitivities( which I detailed in a previous post). Betty Crocker has great little packs of muffins mixes, I use coconut milk and bake! Homemade anything is always great as well. I recommend muffins because you can use them as breakfast and snacks, you can hide veggies in them, all kinds of ideas! Plus, add a few sprinkles and some Icing and you have a “cupcake”.

I also suggest maybe purchasing some fun plates and utensils for your kiddos! Definitely seemed to help my kids eat better.

Instagram Accounts That I follow for tips/tricks and Inspiration:

bentgo – great resource to use for fun lunch boxes and packed lunches! – has a few free guides as well to help you out with picky eaters

theallergychef – has some resources to help more in detail as well!

I will be sharing some “recipes” soon as well to help out! I like simple and easy. My kiddos love the colors and finger foods! Hope this helps you out some. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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