Toddler Times

Hey everyone!

So as many of you know, I have two toddler sons and I am a stay at home mama. I’d like to take some time to discuss activities and schedules and day to day planning with you. I would also love to hear feed back for you to see what has worked for you and your families as well!

Stuffed ball and outside is all you need

First off- I will admit, I have big plans but have a rough time sticking to them every day. I am working on it, especially because I know that the more structured/ scheduled the day is and consistently, my boys behave better and seem happier. Do you find that schedules help you and your kiddos out? Do you wing every day?

I have found that my kids don’t love breakfast… they enjoy something small but like a later breakfast or mid morning snack. Some screen time and activities for the day. So, Here is a broken down list of inexpensive/ budget friendly activities to do on a day to day basis:

Coloring and Drawing! You can get all the needed books and crayons at dollar stores! I go about once a month to get new coloring books. They usually have the good ones like avengers, paw patrol, mickey mouse and some others. I spend maybe $10.00 for everything including stickers,

Finger Paints! Sometimes I can find some at the dollar store, other wise walmart! Crayola has great ones for a bit more money that are super easy to clean up with water or wet wipes.

Puzzles! My 3 yr old loves them! Dollar stores usually carry some. You can also make your own. YouTube has some fun DIY videos on that.

Bubbles! Inside or outside… yes I said inside. All kids love bubbles! Cheap and lots of play!

Bath time can also be play time. Amazon has so many awesome bath toys now its crazy. Some bubbles, boats, animals, anything even a cup makes bath times extra fun.

Imagination play- Blocks, legos, Lincoln logs, magnetic tiles… getting to build with their hands and imagination is a great bonding time plus its great for fine motor skills! Double win right there!

Don’t forget to get involved. Sometimes we just need to put our phones down and get on the floor and play! Dance parties, banking and cooking together are always fun. My boys love to take balls, dinosaurs and a few cars outside to play with too. Seriously, they never get bored lol.

When we go to the grocery store my husband and I like to involve the kiddos as well, Letting them pick out a snack or drink… putting items in the cart. Anything and everything can be made into a learning and teaching activity! I hope these ideas help you!

Now Schedules– I suggest start by finding what order works for you. for us its:

Breakfast/ tv/ activity and snack/ play with toys/ lunch and naps/ play or activity/ dinner/ bath/ snack / brush teeth and bed time story

At least roughly in that order. Bed time for my oldest is 8-830 most nights. If its been a rough day then 730-8pm. Im still working with my youngest to adhere to a bed time, but both kids wake up between 730-830 am on their own.

I kind of followed my youngest sleepy cues to go with naps times. Which I would say 6 out of 7 days they stick to 1-3pm nap times. For some they may say this is crazy, but its just what Ive found works for my boys. I have learned that it takes one day to ruin a set schedule and about 4 days for my kids to get back on track.

I would love to hear what you do, and what activities you and your kids do!

All the beads and skills

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