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PCOS Update

Hi all! I know I have briefly spoke about my diagnosis of PCOS. It has been a little over a month on my new care plan and I wanted to share it with you, and maybe it can help someone else!

First of all, it took nearly six years to get the doctors to say this is what I have rather than just try to push birth control on me. I know many women have struggled for so many more years than myself, so I feel very thankful I finally got a doctor who listened to me and my concerns.

The first thing that changed was I have been taking Metformin. Which is actually medication typically taken by diabetics. However, it aids the body in processing carbs. Something I didnt know, is that with PCOS you may crave carbs more, but you body doesnt process them properly which can lead to weight gain. And if any of you suffer with this , you know how hard it is to lose weight when you have PCOS, no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise.

So, I take metformin daily and it has helped me in losing some weight in the past month. It is a touchy med, so if you eat a lot of carbs like have a pizza night prepare for a night spent in the bathroom. So feeding off that, I am working on eating less carbs.

Water is your best friend. Having this lovely hormonal issue, raises your internal temp. Meaning, you probably sweat or are very hot ALL THE TIME! Yes, this is happening to me. So stay hydrated. For every sugary drink you drink, consume double that in water. Plus, cutting out the sugary drinks can help with weight and the cysts and pain during your “monthly” cycles.

Now, the best part- the menstrual pain. Yes, it hurts. Id much rather give birth again then deal with the cramps at times. Basically what happens- for me at least- cysts form prior to my period each month. Then rupture during my cycle. The first few days are horrible. And sometimes it eases up and sometimes not. Luckily, my cycle has shortened since being on meds and adjusting my diet some.

As far as I know, there isn’t a cure other than having a full hysterectomy. But for some ladies there are some ways to help ease some of the issues. This is all I’ve figured out for now. But I hope to find out more and share. PCOS and other female hormone problems are not talked about enough. So many women suffer and assume that its normal and its not.


Hey All! I'm Alex! I'm a momma to two toddler boys and a wife to my Navy love. I'm a Mental Health Advocate, DIY Crafter, and a stay at home mom/wife. I hope you enjoy my stories and posts. Feel free to email me at any time.

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