Room Refresh & Mind Refresh

So, do you ever just get the feeling to redo a room? Refresh the decor or furniture?

That’s me all the time. However currently, I’m all about repurposing and reusing what I have. So I updated this little table. We painted it olive green and black. I already have the “memories” from the dollar tree. I dried a rose from a bouquet my husband got me for mother’s day. I did purchase the peace lily, which I will repot as soon as I pick out a cute pot! It’s surrounded by crystals and sage. I call this my “Hippy Table”. I look at it and it makes me happy. It cost me $8, for the plant, that’s it. I moved around my desk and dresser to open the room up some. Ill be adding some new wall decor and that’s it!

Its funny how a simply room redo can make your heart so happy. Sometimes we feel stale because our surroundings get stale. I’m a huge supporter of moving your furniture around as often as you’d like to. Ill share some easy and inexpensive DIY decor and dollar store decor soon!

Basically, all this to say…. make you happy. Make your home reflect you and your soul. Make it a peaceful, calm. Crazy loud place. Whatever you see in your mind, make it so!

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