Why I chose to Formula Feed

This is possibly one of the most heated topics when it comes to babies. How will you feed them? Formula or breast? You will hear fed is best, breast is best… you’ll hear every ones opinion. Frankly, it gets annoying and old real quick.

So, I’m going to share my choice and why I did what I did. I will state, I am in NO WAY SHAMING anyone choice. I fully support fed is best. However and whatever works for you and you little babe is good.

First Child: I was pregnant, and I was learning all about formula vs breast feeding. I had talked with moms on both sides of the spectrum. I read books and watch videos on breast feeding. When I was 28 weeks pregnant the doctor wanted to discuss feeding with me at an appointment. She briefly went over he view as a doctor, and I decided on Formula. Here’s why- I knew I would be alone with my son 100% of the time (deployed father). I knew there was a chance of a c-section and that can delay milk coming in. I also knew I wanted others to be able to feed my son as in day care or babysitter. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck to a pump either. So I chose formula. It seemed best for my life and situation at the time. I got judgement and women letting me know how horrible formula was ect… but I didn’t care. I made the right choice for my son and myself.

Now, for my second child- I knew for sure I would formula feed again. I knew I enjoyed the freedom of others being able to feed him, and being able to not have to deal with a pump. I also knew that with my 1st kiddo, I didn’t produce any milk. None, at all, so I figured that was a possibility again. When I had my second child I had a repeat c-section and began formula feeding right away. Around 4 days Postpartum My breast decided to engorge, and holy shit that was hell. I ended up with mastitis. Eventually, I dried up and all was well. My kids hit all their mile stones, have no delays… formula isn’t for everyone and yes, it is pricey. But for some it is the right choice. Sometimes, formula feeding is what’s best for the mothers mental health. And that is okay too. We moms have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our children.

So for the love of humanity, next time you see a mother feeding her child… and you want to say something just dont. We already deal with enough, we truly do not need others opinions on how we fed our children. Formula or breast fed, fed is best. Happy, healthy babies is what matter.

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