Therapy and Medications: My Journey

I’ve written about the start of my mental health journey but this time I’d like to dig a bit deeper and show you why I stress therapy and mental health education to not just women and mothers but everyone.

In the above picture, its a typical tuesday look. No fancy clothes, hair in a messy mom bun and no makeup. My comfy tank and leggings and cup of luke warm coffee.

Now, why did I start going to therapy? The answer is simple. I wanted and needed to talk. I knew i didn’t want to family or my husband about what was in my head. So I went to my VA Center and they set it up.

Why am I on medication? I’m currently on an antidepressant/antianxiety pill. Hopefully it alleviates some of my anxiety and prevents my valleys of depression. Are pills for everyone? Nope. Not at all. Sometimes therapy is enough. Which is great, but I happened to need and want both.

So, what exactly is going on in my mind? I would love to tell you. But honestly its so messy at times I don’t even know. I am finally experiencing emotions from past traumas and currently Im working through all that.

I honesty had no idea I even had anything wrong with me until after I had my second son. I experienced horrible PPD. After that, I was to separate from the Navy and so I decided to get help then.

So, I’ve been in therapy and on medication for a little over a month and here is whats going on: I still have good and bad days. I still feel depressed at times and still have issues with anxiety… However I’m finding I’m able to find the light in the situations. I’m able to be upset while re-grounding myself and lean towards the positive side easier. I’ve noticed I;m triggered less which is really great for me. Im hoping the further I dive in the more good comes from all this.

A lot of my emotions that I’ve buried for years are surfacing and while yes its rough its been really great also. Currently I’m working through the loss of my father. I can say if you are having a rough time and need someone to listen to you, therapy is a great tool. From eating disorders to loss of loved ones, to just feeling down…. there’s no harm in trying therapy out. It may just surprise you how much better you feel after talking to that stranger. We all need support, sometimes we need it form friend and family… and sometimes we need a stranger, an outsider to just listen and support us, I’m so glad I decided to go to therapy. I have someone who I can share with, and express my feelings with that has no outside knowledge other than what my side is.

My struggle is not over, and wont be for a long time. S for now I will take it day by day. I will work towards each of my goals one at a time and I will continue to better myself.

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