Self Love Help

Have you ever struggled with self image? Have you ever struggled to love the person you see in the mirror?

I can say yes to both. For years, before I had my babies, I struggled with loving who I was. I’ve hated everything from my hair texture to my nose to my not perfect teeth. In high school I hated that I was tall, and had thick thighs. Now, since having my kids and gaining weight and going through my adult years, I’ve had issues with the number on the scale, my boobs, my belly, my everything. So, here are some questions I want you to ask yourself every time you have a negative self thought.

One: Some thing I am good at is _______

Two: Some one loves me. my kids, my Significant other, my family, my friends ect…

Three: I am proud of myself for/ because _______

Four: I am amazing. I am alive today. I am breathing. I matter and I am important.

Five: Something about myself that I love is _______

Start with these simple affirmations. Find some that work just for you. Tweak them, change them, make them yours. Write them down on sticky notes and put them on every mirror, cabinet door, coffee maker you have. Life is too short to not love yourself. Life is much to valuable to let this world or hurtful events or people to talk your pride and self love away from you. No matter what is going on in your mind right now, stop and do some self appreciation. You will thank yourself later.

I’m not perfect at this. There are days and moments where I wish I could change all kinds of stuff about myself. But i strive and work toward self love every day. I started a journal a few months back and I do little check ins with myself. I highly suggest trying it out. Its not being selfish. Its not being stuck up. Self love is self care. Self love is vital for healthy mental health.

Please feel free to share any affirmations you may find helpful!

Peace and calm

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