Staying At Home Life

I know, I know… “youre so lucky to stay at home and do nothing”


Impress press on nails. Because i dont have the time to go to a salon.

Yes, I am lucky my husband and I can make my want work out for us. When I got out of the navy, I knew I wanted to stay at home. I just wasn’t sure if we would be able to make that work or not. I honestly didn’t realize what I was getting myself into either. It’s a blessing to be a stay at home wife and mother, but its the most stressful life and job their will ever be.

You see, while I finished my contract up, my husband stayed at home for 2 years with our boys. He did amazing, and the kids loved having daddy home. I was happy knowing that the boys were with someone I trusted and in their own space/home.

Now, I see how hard this life is. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything, but its not easy. People have this thought that staying at home means I (moms) don’t do anything. That is so far from the truth.

I am constantly picking up toys, cleaning, laundry, dishes…. baths, meals…. the list goes on and on. We are in a state with basically no family nor help. I’m not a huge fan of baby sitters or daycare so I’m with my kiddos 24/7. No, I’m not shaming those who use daycare or babysitters. Which I’ll explain more about in a later post.

Having little to no adult interaction, and watching kid shows, reading the same book over and over can take a mental toll. Its so crucial for you to make time for self care. Im talking about a face mask, doing your nails, or taking an Epson salt bath…. what ever it may be for you. People don’t realize that there is actually a depression directly related to being a stay at home mother/ father. Its so easy to get caught up in being a mother or wife that we lose that sense of ourselves. Being a stay at home whatever, isn’t for everybody. Being a working parent isn’t for every one. We as a society need to remember that. Definitely need to stop shaming working or at home parents. INCLUDING STAY AT HOME DADS. There are of course days where I dont do much but maybe go shopping and play with my kids, but I;d do that even if I did work.

I guess, all I am really saying is that society, people… every one needs to stop judging and shaming parents for what and how they chose to make their lives work out. Staying at home, working…. whatever it may be

ROCK IT! Do the best you can and just be happy!

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