My Rainbow Baby

Mr. Ronin….

Just hours old, and perfect as can be

Ronin was conceived after my miscarriage in July 2016. I knew another baby wouldnt replace my loss, but it felt needed. Like I needed to feel the baby kicks and hold my bundle because thats what was expected….

August 19, 2016 I got the two pink lines again. With hesitation I was happy.

I was still stationed in San Diego, Ca so I headed over to Balboa Hospital and got the confirmation that I was indeed pregnant. I was truly happy, but extremely scared at the same time. I knew in my heart that this would be my last pregnancy. I knew I couldnt handle another loss.

Late September…. We saw the heart beat! The little bean was right on track. I had the gut feeling this was going to stick, that I would get my second baby.

With so many emotions surrounding this pregnancy, I didnt have the same happiness as my first baby. We were moving, we had a toddler on the move now and I stayed sick with this pregnancy. We told our families, which wasnt the easiest thing. My husbands family was split on being happy and a few were well…. not excited that were hadnt gotten married yet but were having more kiddos. My family was worried but happy.

I had been given the choice of VBAC or another C-Section. I chose the C-Section. I knew what to expect, It made my life easier knowing there would be a date for sure.

Not all agree with that choice, but that is what i chose and what was best for me and my family. We scheduled around 28 weeks along to have our baby at 39 weeks. Since my blood pressure stayed decent I didnt need to have him at 37 weeks! Around 34weeks pregnant my doctor said there would be no way to attempt VBAC. Which I guess is hard for others to accept, but i was fine with that. The Last 2 months of my pregnancy were beyond rough. Many extra hospital visits, many times to double check everything was okay with baby.

Finally the day had come….. April 26, 2016

830 am: Get to hospital, check in and dress down and get vitals

by 930 am we were heading to the Operating Room….

Last time around I had an epidural and labor, this time however I got to have the Spinal Block… I guess my nerves go the best of me because I started to get dizzy and pass out but all was good! I was fine, i was laid down after the spinal was in, which didnt hurt at all. The put up the curtain, brought my husband into the room and begun.

1052am Baby Boy had come earth side!

There were a few complications with his lungs and breathing, so daddy stayed by his side, and shortly after-

I met my beautiful, little guy. My Rainbow baby.

Ronin Kumo.

He is my baby all the way. My first son saved my life. He changed my path for the better. My second son, saved me all over again. Eveything and everyday is for my Babes and I wouldnt change that for the world.

My recovery in another post up soon!

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