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Hospital Bag

For all new moms, the hospital bag is very important. But what do you need? What don’t you need? First off, you don’t need a lot. Actually, you really need next to nothing.

Here is what I packed:

-2 outfits for baby (coming home, pictures ect) hat, socks and mittens if you chose

-Toiletries for myself

-Comfy coming home clothes (high waist leggings, baggy t shirt) and slip on shoes

-Pacifier, receiving blanket, fluffy blanket for baby

****The hospital has diapers and wipes for you along with pads and mesh panties

EXTRAS: phone charger, cash for food/vending machines if needed, camera if you choose. I suggest snacks, makeup if wanted for pictures. If staying for a few days/ nights, pjs or nighty may be nice. I packed fuzzy socks as well. And chapstick, because dry lips were real for me.

I hope this helps! Super quick and simple!


Hey All! I'm Alex! I'm a momma to two toddler boys and a wife to my Navy love. I'm a Mental Health Advocate, DIY Crafter, and a stay at home mom/wife. I hope you enjoy my stories and posts. Feel free to email me at any time.

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