C-Section Recovery

So, now you all know I have had 2 c-sections. I advocate for c-sections because unfortunately people dont understand them and the pain that comes with them.

Yes, a lot of them are unnecessary but thats okay too. Its the mothers choice, and I FULLY support that.

so, anyway- my recoveries were completely different for each one. Thats normal. Each persons recovery will be different yet all will have the same basics.

My 1st: very painful

I had no help really. My husband was deployed and my family was across the country. I left the hospital at 5 days post partum. I formula fed, so i prepped bottles and measured out water and formula for extra needed bottles. all the diapers and wipes, blankets and burp clothes were all right at arms length from me. The couch was my best friend. My son slept on my chest, and had a good sleep pattern all on his own. I was very sore, so my advice is to not over due it and ask for help when you need it. Walking hurts like hell, but you have to get up and walk. It really helps the pain ease away and helps you to get back to “normal”. I got very sick from all the pain meds in the hospital, so I puked for two weeks after I had him. Holding a pillow to you cut helps. I stopped taking the pain killers the moment I got home because I had to take care of my baby. I think it helped my recovery because I was active (walking).

My 2nd: great, little to no pain

An emergency c-section vs. a scheduled one is so vastly different its crazy. First of all, the spinal block was great. No pain, just normal pressure and it was gone in 4 hours. I was able to walk and pee 4 hours after my surgery. I was much more awake and that was great! When I got home, I took it easy but again, lots of walking. This time I had my husband home for help. I got to rest more, but in reality the pain was gone with in 2 weeks post partum.

My biggest suggestions for recovery:

  1. Help.
  2. prepare food {dinner, snacks, easy meals}
  3. for formula prep!
  4. get pillows for support and comfort
  5. walk. its painful but walk.
  6. water! seriously, water. stay hydrated.
  7. warm showers feel amazing.
  8. dont stress, you just gave birth and had major surgery all in one. relax.

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