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Medication and Mondays

I used to think Mondays simply sucked.

I used to and still do think, waking up sucked.

However, now I know that’s not the case. Or rather, its not for everyone. Today is day 3 on my antidepressants/antianxiety medications.

I wish talking about medication, therapy and mental health was a priority for people like the Kardashians are. I wish therapy was suggested before “you just need to relax” is said.

As a child I cant say i felt like anything was wrong. My teens years and living through 4.5 years of hell, I didnt know enough to say something was wrong. As an adult, my life on active duty was too full of drinking and working to stop and think about my health. Now, as a mother and wife I have slowed down enough to know I need help.

Post partum depression and anxiety is super common. However, at times that stops being the case and you may have depression or anxiety that’s no longer linked to post partum.

While doing and maintaining my self check ins, I can certainly see I have struggled with mental health issues for about 9 years. My thought is ppd set in and everything else got brought to the forefront.

Now, I’m a stay at home mother. I have more time to reflect and i realized I needed to contact my VA for some help.

After meeting with a therapist and a psychiatrist…..

I’ve started medication and therapy 2 times a month and I can’t wait to see where I am at in six months compared to yesterday or today.

I guess what I’m saying is… you don’t have to hate waking up. You don’t have to hate Mondays. Seeking help is wonderful. You don’t have to be unhappy. You can be happy! You can and deserve to be happy, healthy and the best you.


Hey All! I'm Alex! I'm a momma to two toddler boys and a wife to my Navy love. I'm a Mental Health Advocate, DIY Crafter, and a stay at home mom/wife. I hope you enjoy my stories and posts. Feel free to email me at any time.

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