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Mom struggle part 1.

So i want to do this in 2 parts. An easy quick over view and then an in depth detailed post later on….

So here it is:

Why is it that we are pregnant for 9 months, gain weight, body changes for 9 months, yet expect to “snap back” the day after we give birth?!

How is that logical? Do some do this? Yes.

However, most of us do not, and that is perfectly okay. Its okay to not drop the weight right away. Its okay to rest and bind with this new little human being you are in charge of.

One of the biggest struggles for us mommas is watching our bodies change. Our mental state changing right along with our bellies. We lose ourselves in becoming the pregnant girl.

Then we lose ourselves in being momma. We all struggle with the mom guilt when we attempt to selfcare and self love away from our kids. Or at least i do.

The biggest thing to remember is you are okay, and normal! If you snap back or not okay.

If you feel fine and get a handle on momlife right away then awesome!

If you struggle with body image or depression, its okay!

Find what works for you, find the rythm for your home. I promise it gets easier!

Don’t forget about self care.

Having coffee before everyone wakes, a face mask, drop the kids off to a sitter and take a nap or long shower or bath! Eat that candy bar, have a drink… figuring out how to raise a human is rough, don’t feel bad when you need a break!

More to come later


Hey All! I'm Alex! I'm a momma to two toddler boys and a wife to my Navy love. I'm a Mental Health Advocate, DIY Crafter, and a stay at home mom/wife. I hope you enjoy my stories and posts. Feel free to email me at any time.

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