Offspring close in age

Do you have kids close in age? Or planning to?

Heres some of my personal experiences with my kids being 17 months apart.

First and foremost my second pregnancy was far more exhausting because i was also being a toddler momma. That is definitely something i didn’t take into account.

Second, i had a csection with my first son, so as my bump grew the second time it was a bit more painful due to the stretching and all. It was unbearable just different than the first time around.

I was extremely worried about how my oldest would take having a baby brother around, but we got lucky. Damien didn’t mind much. Its really important to make one on one time for your first born. Take them out on special dates, Just them and you. Damien loved his brothers toes, and “reading” to him.

Watching them grow up together and learn to play with each other has been the best part. The worst part is the double diaper duty, but in reality it isn’t even bad. They seem to feed off each others moods. One cranky babe means two cranky babes.

Our first son was fairly advanced in means of meeting physical milestones. But out second had to keep up so we had a seven month old walking…. we were not prepared for that at all!

Everyone tried to scare us, telling us how hard it is when babies are close in age. We experienced the complete opposite!

Everyday is an adventure.

Everyday is the same but different.

My kids personalities are completely opposite. One is independent, strong willed and acts older than he is. And the other is a baby, cuddly, dependent and acts his age.

Basically, all i am saying is dont be scared. If you want babies close together then go for it. They will be best of buddies! As always feel free to comment or email me!

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