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Post partum #2

So back story of myself and my struggle with PPD.

I had my first son November 2015 via emergency csection. My husband was deployed during the entire pregnancy and birth. He finally got to meet our baby boy 4.5 months after he was born. I guess looking back if I had PPD I wouldn’t have known for two reasons; 1. I didnt really now what PPD was and 2. I was too busy to have to worry about myself.

Now fast forward to July 2016, a miscarriage. It literally tore me apart mentally. I felt I needed to have another baby. If you have ever had a miscarriage, my heart goes out to you. It’s such a difficult bundle of emotions to handle.

4 weeks later….

August 19 2016, the moment we got the two pink lines and a confirmed positive from the hospital. I held onto every ounce of hope that this would stick and I’d have my Rainbow baby.

September rolled around and we saw baby and heard the heart beat. I knew this was sticking and it did, April 2017 our second baby boy arrived!

Shortly after I had my son, my husband and I both noticed a drastic change in myself. I love my boys and was ecstatic to have them. However something wasn’t right. I realized I was dealing with Postpartum depression and anxiety.
I can say almost a year and a half later and I still struggle at times.

I started doing my research and learned how common ppd and ppa really are. I saw that I wanst abnormal. I’m not strange or weak. It’s a hormone imbalance and it just happens. I’m truly lucky that I didnt need medication but some do and that is perfectly okay.

You are not alone.

More on this later loves

I will include link to resources to help with information.

If you have any comments or questions or input please dont hesitate to comment or reach out to me.


Hey All! I'm Alex! I'm a momma to two toddler boys and a wife to my Navy love. I'm a Mental Health Advocate, DIY Crafter, and a stay at home mom/wife. I hope you enjoy my stories and posts. Feel free to email me at any time.

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