New Era Momming

So before I had kids I was that horrid person who judged moms and dads when their kids were acting up in public. I always said I’m not going to let that happen….(insert face palm here)

I have 2 wild little boys. They do behave about 90% of the time in public. The other 10%…. oh my people. My kids are close in age. Like 3 and 2 years old…..

So anyway….. the other day I was at the store and neither kid was having it. They were standin up in the carts, yelling… ya know the deal. While in the check out line an older lady was behind me and she remarked : “these young mothers dont know how to raise these kids.”
Now I didnt say anything back because really I dont care what a stranger thinks.
But this got me thinking, and later I saw a post about this…
So here it is. Here is some words to remember for us “young moms”

It’s not 2000, it’s not 1960 either. The world and society are DIFFERENT. We cant clean our home and cook a million course dinner while the kids run the streets. We cant trust baby sitters, day cares and sometimes friends or family with our babies thanks to media showing us all the horrific incidents. We are judged for being a stay at home momma and for working after having babies. We are judged for leaving shitty or abusive partners and being single moms. We are judged for having and not having kids. We’re judged on having kids and having tattoos and colored hair… but here is the thing-

That shit doesnt matter! Screw the judgement. Fuck the haters! Older generations are not the ones raising kids these days. We are. We are the moms and dads. We are raising the future! You are the best mom or dad you can be!

So, if you are like all of us, please give yourself a break. You are doing what you can, what you need to and you are kicking ass at it.

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